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Why Fax will continue to be preferred communication in business?

FaxAs communications channels continue to grow everyday we start to wonder how to scale that complexity. Many articles suggest that you would be dinosaur if you decide to promote your fax number nowadays. However how accurate is that?
As much as we want to believe that the communication continue to evolve and change its form that might be not the case. Based on our observation the physical phone and fax machine will continue to be significant part of business communications for at least 10 years ahead.

According to Chico Harlan the fax machine continue to be important mean of communications even in the??most technology diverse country such as Japan because of it reliability. As cited in his article Toyoko Yoshino owner of Real Estate company says that there is no other devices that sends confirmation on success.

The reliability continues to be the number one Factor when it comes to choose of businesses communication. Above all we want to be sure that the all data we are sending/receiving get delivered/received.
However the reliability is not the only concern when it comes to business communication. The email, which is probably the closes substitution of fax is getting more and more complex everyday due to the fact that it has to deal with a of spam messages. Spam filters become more and more sophisticated to a point when we are surprised when a spam filter??catches an important message.

The amount of e-mails that we receive on daily basis creates another challenge to find a time to read all those e-mail and some times even time to sort them by priority. This is the area that fax is much more efficient, because there are not much newsletters, sales letters and other information that we received over fax. So when we receive a fax it usually have a higher priority since we do not have to spend a lot of time sorting it.

Off course some people receive a huge bulk of faxes, which still makes it a challenge to sort them. However the quality of data in most of faxes is usually better than in e-mail. The preparation of a fax typically takes longer than a preparation of e-mail. Usually you don’t want to send a fax now and then to send another one later. In most cases you try to include everything in one fax unlike the e-mail whether you might send a few sentences each hour. In result you’re losing concentration reading and responding each email. Since we know how precocious and expensive is the concentration in business environment we come to conclusion that fax would be a better communication in terms of quality.

At Alliance Phones we believe that all communication has its own importance. We do not cut corners in terms of reliability and development whether it’s e-mail or fax.