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The following defines Alliance Phones’s standard service level agreement. Please note that all times are minimums, and where possible we will respond quicker.
Fault categorization

1 – Urgent:

All inbound numbers have ceased to work.
Termination to all voice destinations has ceased.
All API services are unavailable.
Number Lookups (CNAME) to all networks are failing.
You cannot ping the Alliance Phones network but can reach other sites (e.g. Google,

2 – High:

One or more inbound Phone numbers are failing.
You are experiencing a higher than normal level of outbound call failures.
Some API services are unavailable.
Number Lookups (CNAME) to one or more networks are failing.

3 – Normal

Poor quality or single destination outbound call failure.
Alliance Phones dashboard inaccessible.
Billing and account request.
Sales/service request.
Porting requests.

Response times

USA office hours (9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays)

1 – Urgent: 15 minutes.
2 – High: 1 hour.
3 – Normal: 2 hours

Outside of these hours (including public holidays):

1 – Urgent: 30 minutes.
2 – High: 2 hours.
3 – Normal: Next working day.