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Our Cloud-based phone system provides you with

  • Quick and simple installation
  • Reliable service
  • Easy Integration between your phones & your business system
  • Features rich
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Alliance Phones knows the optimal Cloud Phone Solution for each client

We specialize in connecting people in the most efficient way

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Alliance Phones understands the importance of communication

We empower your clouds

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Alliance Phones values trust

We know long-term success

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Ally Your Business with Alliance Phones

Alliance Phones provides Hosted VOIP Systems for small & medium businesses. For more information, please visit our About us page.

Easy Plus

1-3 Users

Simplicity Plus

4-20 Users

Effortless Plus

20-100+ Users

  • What is VoIP?
  • Why choose VoIP?
  • How do you choose a VOIP provider?
  • How do you choose the VOIP phone that is best for your business?
  • Answers to VOIP Misconceptions.
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  • “Alliance Phones reduced my phone bill by 60%”
    “Initially I was skeptical about the whole VOIP service. We rely significantly on our phone system, because it is the backbone of our operations. Alliance Phones were very helpful and guide me through the process of switching to VOIP” Read more
    Steve owner at SFO Express, South San Francisco, California
  • Alliance Phones gives us the convenience of receiving calls using one main number in different geographic areas. This is a huge benefit for us since we need Read more
    Stoian owner at Expressway Logistics, Arlington Heights, Illinois